A small collection of scripts and projects I maintain.

  • Build Status Amazon Route53 data export

    A simple command-line tool to easily export zone information from Route53. Periodically snapshot, or backup data from all hosted zones.

  • Build Status Bitcoin block chain parser

    A pure C# block chain parser library for Bitcoin. It eats binary blkxxxx.dat files and produces an IEnumerable strongly typed in-memory representation.

  • simple-aes.cs

    Unsalted AES256 reference code, to aid decryption of DRM protected content referenced in m3u8 playlists.

  • Security hardening web.config

    A simple template to help harden web applications.


I keep a list of (arguably less well-known) projects of exceptional quality I’ve usually discovered during their formative stages, listed here for future reference.


    An embeddable c# library which provides an easy, reliable and flexible interface to manage and perform background task processing, without Windows Service or separate process.

  • Amazon Web Services — a practical guide

    A direct, trustworthy and practical guide for engineers who use the AWS stack, with tips, gotchas, information and recommendations.

  • The Tewlve-Factor App

    A simple methodology for building software-as-a-service apps.

  • Shout-IRC

    Gorgeous self-hosted IRC web client.

  • Scapy

    A fantastically capable tool for crafting packets by hand.

  • takezoe/gitbucket

    A Github clone written in Scala. Perfect for a private Git repository on a low cost DigitalOcean or AWS server. The primary developer, Naoki Takezoe, places a strong emphasis on ease of installation which I absolutely love.

  • Mongoose

    A powerful asynchronous, non-blocking web server designed for use in embedded systems. Supports CGI, SSL, Digest auth, Websocket, WebDAV, Resumed download, URL rewrite, file blacklist, IP-based ACL, and available as a single file.

  • Fenix

    Another webserver, desktop based and designed to serve static content.

  • darkhttpd

    Also available as a single file - darkhttpd has a simpler feature set compared to Mongoose, but very useful “when you need a web server in a hurry..”

  • StatsD

    A simple daemon for stats aggregation, part of the Etsy Measure Anything, Measure Everything mantra. Applications are instrumented by developers using language-specific libraries which communicate metrics to StatsD using its simple UDP protocol.

  • InfluxDB

    InfluxDb is a beautifully crafted open-source distributed time series database with an SQL-like query language exposed by a native HTTP API.

  • ElasticSearch

    A distributed, RESTful real-time search and analytics engine which wraps Apache Lucene. Like Solr, but with an architecture designed for scalability in modern distributed environments.

  • Kibana

    Kibana is a tool for graphing, searching visualising and understanding data. It’s implemented as a minimalist browser based application which relies on Javascript, and HTTP APIs to interface and pull data out of Elasticsearch.

  • Google Web Starter Kit (WSK)

    Complementing Google’s Web Fundamentals project and inspired by Mobile HTML5 Boilerplate, WSK provides Google opinionated building blocks for constructing best practice aligned multi-screen applications.

  • dypsilon/frontend-dev-bookmarks

    Dmitriy Navrotskyy’s huge list of frontend development resources. “Sorted from general knowledge at the top to concrete problems at the bottom”.